A (very) brief history of Oswald the Lucky Rabbit

Produced in 1927 for Universal, Oswald’s debut Trolley Trouble was Walt Disney’s first major hit. Over the next year, Walt and his crew worked at a feverish pace producing 27 shorts with just two weeks between the release of each.

Despite Oswald’s success, producer Charles Mintz asked Walt to take a pay cut, resulting in Walt walking away from the job without his animating team or the rights to his creation.

An alternative to the iconic Mickey Mouse ears, Oswald ears caused quite a stir when they debuted at the E3 Convention earlier this year, with a single pair selling on eBay for over a hundred dollars!


Fast forward to 2006: Disney acquires the rights to the Oswald Cartoons produced by Walt from NBC Universal in exchange for the services of sportscaster Al Michaels?!? Huh? Nuh, what!? Yeah. Disney then began a search for all of the missing Oswald cartoons, only 13 of which (about half), were recovered.

Oswald toys

Nowadays, Oswald can be seen in the newly released video game Epic Mickey 2, moving from a supporting role in the original to a marquee spot alongside Mr. Mickey Mouse.

Oswald cut 2


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