Star Wars awakens at Hollywood Studios with Star Wars Launch Bay

Launch Bay California 1

In Early 2016, Disney Hollywood Studios in Orlando has added the Star Wars Launch Bay, an access portal to the world of Star Wars.

Stormtrooper 1

Star Wars launch bay is an interactive multimedia experience that encompasses the entire saga.

Launch Bay 1

Inside, fans can find an extensive array of props and concept art in a darklit setting.

There is a great display of props from the new movies including Rey Skywalker’s lightsaber, Captain Phasma’s helmet, and Han Solo’s outfit.


There’s an interactive area where kids can test out Star Wars video games or meet their favorite larger than life characters like Kylo Ren or Chewbacca.


There are festive food offerings like Padawan limeade or Star Wars-themed burgers.

The shop that used to conclude the Backlot Tour has been converted into a Star Wars shop that sells designer items.

Watto's Grotto

Don’t forget that Star Tours is still open. ¬†Every ride will include a part featuring locales and characters from Star Wars: The Force Awakens until the end of the summer.

Star Tours

There are two new shows debuting now in April . . .

Galaxy show

Star Wars: In a Galaxy Far, Far Away and . . .

Phasma show

a show featuring Captain Phasma.

Star Wars: a Galactic Spectacular will debut in time for Summer.

Galactic Spectacular

As they say in the stars, may the force be with you.

Launch Bay Close


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